“Veteran traps drummer and educator Alejandra, hailing from Mexico City and LA, has put together a powerful DVD. Alejandra presents straight ahead warm ups and notation instruction, reading charts as she blazes through mambo, salsa, songo, samba and bossa nova rhythms. A gifted left-handed drummer, Alejandra demonstrates coordination and polyrhythms with ease, and is a real inspiration.” – David Licht / Modern Drummer Magazine.


“Alejandra leads the drummers, taking the audience south of the border.” – Laura Phillips / Music Connection Magazine.


“I particularly enjoy the ever present drums that add ballast to the sounds and it is the way that they combine this solid foundation with froth that creates a sound that will hopefully see the band gain an even broader audience.” – Tim / Indie Band Blog about Oak Street Blues


“The punk rock flavored tune grinds along with raw guitar and drum pushing the energy forward.  The talent of all the players involved really shines through here.  Their ability to meld genres shows off how versatile they really are” – Indie Band Guru about Angus Crowne’s “Puking”


“Certainly a palette clearing, tasty dessert for jazz guitar fans ” Chris Spector / Midwest Record about Andrea Balestra Trio´s EP “Lucid Dreams”


“Another woman-powered band, whose drummer bangged out a ripping beat Saturday was the band Nightime, Alejandra Arellano said she loved to make music”  California Rocker